Saturday, June 22, 2013

back in the saddle

back in the saddle, originally uploaded by firesheep67.
Finally liberated the patterns from this book, the Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp, that I bought about five years ago...decided I would make the wrap skirt and the muslin is well under way this weekend, yet I am supremely annoyed at the directions for the waistband. Let's just say that they are sketchy at best and the tiny diagrams that accompany the text are fairly worthless.

As I am still puzzling my way through the instructions, I'm not yet ready to post my solution, so watch this space!

ETA: It dawned on me that despite reading the directions several my mind, the single panel (front) was the BACK, because, who wraps a skirt to the back?? Even though the book says you can mix it up by wearing it wrapped to the front or back, I would never wear a wrap skirt with the wrapped panels covering the rear view. Subsequently, when I sewed on the waistband, I'm pretty sure I attached it upside down, which would explain why it was virtually impossible to cleanly match the side seams of the skirt panels with the side seams of the waistband.

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