Monday, March 16, 2009

The Worst Job I Ever Had

On the heels of reading other people's tales of woe, I thought I'd write up "my worst job." I believe it would be the week I spent staring at a blank wall cold calling people to subscribe to the LA Times. Occasionally I would hook a live one, and inevitably they lived in a rural area, where delivery wasn't available...and never would be. Excitedly they'd ask if delivery was now possible to their address in bum f*ck Egypt and dejectedly I'd answer, "No." Others would stay on the line long enough for me to pitch them from my long list of "reasons why one should subscribe." Way at the end of that list was the question, "Do you own a bird? Use the paper to line the birdcage." I'm certain I didn't sell a single subscription and picking up the phone to make those calls got harder and harder until I quit at the end of one week.

Could this be why I hate using the phone?

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