Monday, January 12, 2009

The Typhoid Mary Touch...with Magazines

Let me tally up the magazines I once subscribed to that went belly up (and some never returned my money!) - updated 2.22.09

Craft Magazine -> not officially belly up, but going to digital only. Bummer. I like having an actual magazine. =:(
Organize -> nice, but mostly a vehicle to sell more product. (Aren't all magazines about the ads?)
Domino -> who knew that one of the few I decided NOT to renew would go belly up shortly afterward? (One could argue that my not renewing contributed to the downfall, but I will not take the blame. Domino had become nothing but another, "Let's let at the lifestyles of pretty, Hollywood people!!" Uh, no thanks.)
Yahoo! Internet Life -> (believe I never saw my money again)
Motto -> remaining issues converted to Ode, haven't read a single issue since I started receiving. They're now imploring me to renew.
Blueprint -> remaining issues converted to Martha Stewart Living. I enjoyed MSL, but ended up not subscribing. Felt too inferior. Have saved some recipes and ideas from the mag though.
O at Home -> come on, Oprah, are you going to roll over my $ to extend my sub to Oprah mag? (Also just re-upped my subscription literally the day AFTER the internets were abuzz that the magazine was to cease publication. I have great timing!!)
Got an roll my remaining issues over to Oprah mag (as if I don't subscribe already). Obviously, the subscription department hasn't figured out who was subscribing to both or they simply sent the same card to everyone. Must ensure that the credit will be rolled over so I don't end up with two copies of Oprah for the next however many months.
Adorn -> according to the rumours on the internets this was to be converted to a Knit.1 subscription, but didn't hear anything. Going to check in on this one. I certainly got ripped off, since I had just started the subscription, only to hear that the magazine was DOA.
PC Magazine-> they've gone digital and I let my subscription lapse. The only case where the end of the printed publication coincided with my payment (or lack thereof). I'm not a fan of digital magazines. I've tried many of them; none compare to the dead tree version. And I want to save the planet as much as the next guy...
Quick & Easy Stitch & Craft (a British Cross Stitch mag) -> converted to You Can Craft! Sad. I let that subscription limp to an end. You Can Craft! is for cardmaking with no cross stitch to speak of. I'm not interested in cardmaking, unless it's to mount a small cross stitch project. *sigh*

I'm sure there are others...this list is by no means complete.

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