Sunday, August 11, 2013

A wearable muslin!!! Go me!

Finally! Going to wear this to tonight's Seam Allowance meeting. Thoughts off the top of my head:
1. Neckline - do a different one from the Craftsy course or elsewhere
2. Vented sleeves...needed to hem at the top of the vent - hemmed too close to the sleeve edge. The bar tack is sloppy - not even on both sides and is ultimately too long. Used Swedish tracking paper under the bar tacks for reinforcement. Need to study how to figure out bar tack placement.
3. Top stitching around the armholes is a tad inconsistent and wonky.
4. Underarm doesn't meet perfectly on one side (but it's in the armpit, so who will know?)
5. When I was sewing this up - I noticed that my cutting of the fabric was CHOPPY! Ugh! Need to go back to the pattern and ensure that the seams match up - and smooth this out on the next version.
6. LOVE the length!
7. Pattern fits me quite well and love the vented sleeve detail, even if the execution leaves something to be desired.

I'm holding up bits of fabric that I trimmed from the shirt.   Could still use a few passes on the inside, but wanted to eat some lunch and get on the road.

I will update this post with linkage and details on the pattern later.

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