Monday, November 24, 2008

Stash Management

I'm loving the stash management tools on Ravelry. As I update and tweak my stash, I'm noticing that the first yarns I listed are missing a lot of details (i.e. I didn't enter the info). I'm slowly but surely adding tags, etc. to get a better grip on what I have and moreover, what I can make from it! Back to managing the stash...

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Megalion said...

I heart the Stash on Rav too.

I recently went through and got all but like 5 things photographed so I love looking at my stash page now.

And of course, another box from Elann just arrived so more things to photograph now.

The stash records will make it easy for me to show how much yarn was damaged by the rats. They ate almost all of my Lion Brand stash that I kept in the cupboard above the fridge. Ugh.